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About This Website

Designo biplane imageOur Website was designed and developed 100% in-house here at Designo HQ. But we did have moral and technical support from a variety of sources. Here are some notes and acknowledgements.


This site is built on the Drupal open source CMS (Content Managagement System) platform. There are a number of opinions regarding Drupal, some great, some good, some not so good. And there are a dizzying number of CMS platforms "out there" – with opinions galore on each. But, any way you cut it, Drupal is an amazing community effort and our hat is off to all the people who care for and feed this beast. Drupal's power goes hand-in-hand with its complexity. Once the complexity is mastered, the power is unleashed!

Theme is themed using a custom subtheme of the Adaptivetheme. We would like to thank Jeff Burnz at Adaptive Themes. His work is amazing and this site barely scratches the surface of what Drupal and the Adaptivetheme are capable of.


To Tom DeGerlia at Denver Data Systems and Michael Cordova at 21st Century Technologies for their "technical support" and friendship. And huge thanks to all our great clients - We LOVE you guys! And last, but far from least, to my wonderful wife Heidi - I LOVE YOU more than the clients!


All work on this site is done on a Mac using the full suite of Adobe software from Dreamweaver to Flash, Fireworks to Photoshop and Illustrator to After Effects.

Browser Compatibility

There is plenty of CSS3 (If you don't know then you don't want to know!) in this site. Modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera are all fully implementing CSS3 and these browsers will provide the best experience when viewing the site. Microsoft's myriad Internet Explorer versions continue to flounder in eternal catch-up mode, so pick another browser - please!