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The Designo Blog

I guess it had to happen ... site updates!

Yes, indeed. Our Logo Design and Website Design pages have been updated for the first time in quite a while. More to come soon. Check it out and give us a holler!

It's even more ... ALIVE!

At the risk of being redundant I am once again proclaiming the alivedness of the new, Drupal-based Designo Website!

Since the predundant post on 12-7-10 Designo has been busy on a number of projects that have contributed to my neglect of a few final details: 

The Links and Resources page is now populated with a bunch of ways to leave this site. 

The Website Design page is updated to show some new work.

It's ALIVE!!

Pretty hard to believe. But this thing is live at long last! 6:32 MST, December 7, 2010. Now is just the beginning, more soon! - Phil